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How to Safely Plan for Travel in 2021

How to Safely Plan for Travel in 2021

With the continuation of the pandemic, it’s difficult to make plans in advance for anything. Countries, states, and regions keep getting shut down or banned...
Rolex watches

Why Should You Still Be Wearing a Nice Wristwatch

Why Should You Still Be Wearing a Nice Wristwatch Wearing a wristwatch in this day and age of smartphones and digital clocks might sound redundant...
Wine Lovers

World’s 10 Best Trips for Wine Lovers

Everyone loves wine, well almost, everyone. It’s not a surprise, considering that this magnificent drink can be tasty, sexy, elegant, family-oriented….depends on the type...

The 5 Best Countries for Teaching English in Asia

As you probably already know, teaching in Asia is super popular these days, followed by teaching in the South Pacific. Since English is considered...
Koh Phangan

Things To Do In Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a beautiful and picturesque island in Thailand. Many people flock here as a holiday destination of choice because of the varied...
Cruises In The San Diego Harbor

Charter Cruises In The San Diego Harbor

Southern California has always been such a popular place for tourists to visit. There are so many different things that attract people to the...

Spring Break: Canadian Edition

When anyone says “Spring Break,” your mind should automatically conjure images of bright sunshine, beaches and booze — but what if you tried something...
Bars in Hamburg

Best Bars in Hamburg

Germany is known for three things: BMW, Bavaria and their bier halls. Needless to say, but Hamburg has the best the country has to...

The Beginner Guide to Start a Successful Travel Blog

If you’re reading this text you’re either daydreaming about starting a travel blog or you’ve finally plucked up enough courage to actually do it....
Attract Birds in Winter

Simple Tricks to Attract Birds in Winter 2018/19

Winter in the UK can actually be the best time to spot our beloved feathered friends. With the right tips and tricks, you can...

Finding the right cruise for you

It’s no secret that I am a cruise enthusiast and advocate, especially when it comes to convincing those of you who have yet to...

The Best Hostel in Chiang Mai

In the court of public opinion, there is one hostel that stands out from the crowd and gets better and better as time goes...

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